Sunday, September 26, 2010


oh look, an ass that's colored

I was actually going to draw this girl playing a wii or something, but then I figured that'd be lame since I don't have a wii.

Instead I have a ps3, and ps3's are a bitch to draw. You take a look at your ps3 right now and tell me wtf kind of a shape it even resembles. They're really one of the more annoying contraptions to draw since I tried to draw one from memory, I think it came out pretty 2D-ish.

so let's just imagine there's a button on top of a tv to switch to that HD2 output, yup.

first post get

I made a quick one so this blog doesn't seem so empty, first time making a blog too so I'm not sure if this is what I'd like as my first post lol

I doubt I'll go further with this but maybe I'll color tenko some other day.