Saturday, April 30, 2011


unsure if I want to finish or not (meaning actually color and take out the black dude with the kfc bucket)
accursed kfc.

inside jokes galore
there's around 3 more weeks of classes left until summer vacation... just hope it'd come sooner.

waiting for the day when I can rush my characters on vindictus to 70 or something, but I've had an odd amount of work dumped on my lap lately so I doubt I'll see that happening any time soon...

I think I'll renovate this blog sometime soon, getting tired of seeing the same layout each time I login.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


homu homu

it doesn't look like a burger apparently..

Saturday, April 16, 2011


huzzah th13 demo review!
this feels like another step up from th12. the new death system (where you go kamikaze everything until a counter reaches 0) is a neat addition (though it's something you shouldn't go for often).

the bgm is something to talk about, it certainly doesn't sound like anything zun has done before (not even similar to th12 bgm). the title bgm is more dynamic too, with more of a bounce in it than th12.
I like everything about stage 2. kyouko is really fun to play against, with her narrow danmaku ohoho.. I'm still mad at how op'd sanae is with her sonic banana danmaku.

not sure if zun tried to make this easier, but the difference between hard and lunatic was major lul. I'd say th12 is a bit easier though, since yoshika was not as hard as brofist in th12... but she does have curvy lasers and likes to spam tiny bullets ...

also I have been trying to rush my vindictus character up to 70, and with free boat event coming up...

I'm still waiting for my new tablet to arrive. going to miss drawing on this old tablet.. maybe.