Monday, August 8, 2011

scythe of caresses

because every time I stumble back to this page, I feel unsettled seeing a naked tewi getting her kfc stolen by a black guy and a squirrel rat.

I forgot how blogger works, but I'm probably gonna make a wordpress since my adsense account got b& a long time ago. either way, haven't bothered to draw anything lately.

for the release of episode 8 pt. 2 on vindictus.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


unsure if I want to finish or not (meaning actually color and take out the black dude with the kfc bucket)
accursed kfc.

inside jokes galore
there's around 3 more weeks of classes left until summer vacation... just hope it'd come sooner.

waiting for the day when I can rush my characters on vindictus to 70 or something, but I've had an odd amount of work dumped on my lap lately so I doubt I'll see that happening any time soon...

I think I'll renovate this blog sometime soon, getting tired of seeing the same layout each time I login.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


homu homu

it doesn't look like a burger apparently..

Saturday, April 16, 2011


huzzah th13 demo review!
this feels like another step up from th12. the new death system (where you go kamikaze everything until a counter reaches 0) is a neat addition (though it's something you shouldn't go for often).

the bgm is something to talk about, it certainly doesn't sound like anything zun has done before (not even similar to th12 bgm). the title bgm is more dynamic too, with more of a bounce in it than th12.
I like everything about stage 2. kyouko is really fun to play against, with her narrow danmaku ohoho.. I'm still mad at how op'd sanae is with her sonic banana danmaku.

not sure if zun tried to make this easier, but the difference between hard and lunatic was major lul. I'd say th12 is a bit easier though, since yoshika was not as hard as brofist in th12... but she does have curvy lasers and likes to spam tiny bullets ...

also I have been trying to rush my vindictus character up to 70, and with free boat event coming up...

I'm still waiting for my new tablet to arrive. going to miss drawing on this old tablet.. maybe.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

nendo flandre get

had to pick it up at the post office.
was a tough decision between pads or flanders, but like I said before, flandre was really limited and harder to get I guess.

I took more pictures than my nendo remi post, but I was ultimately feeling very lazy and took lazy pictures.

so you get similar parts to the nendo remi, there are just some minor differences that I'd like to point out though.

the hat in particular was the first thing that I realized something was off, it was very loose. unlike remi's hat which fits perfectly on her head, flandre's hat would slide off her head by any slight movement and generally would not stay on well like her sister's hat.
another oddity I found was that some parts of the figure were very soft. if I put any more pressure on, let's say her skirt, I would probably make a nasty imprint. it's just that malleable.

the first thing I decided to do was to see if there really WAS a big similarity between remi and flan, as mentioned by other people who bought them. these two are the normal faces for both figures, I'll leave you to guess which face is which...

she also suffers the same small feet problem that I really hated with remi nendo. it's much easier for me to set remi now without a stand, but it's still quite hard to get flandre to do the same with those tiny feet. had to make her balance on an egg until I prepared the stand for her.

I forgot to take a picture of it, but the base and stand is nothing spectacular. the background is just a blue silhouette of her wings' crystals. I prefer remi's stand much more in this regard (bats oo).

her wings are really huge, longer than remi's wings and surprisingly easier to put on. the wings stay on her back much better than remi's do and generally look better.

her weapon of choice, "laevateinn", is different from remi's gungnir in the way it's held. since it's rather curvy, the imprints that are in her hand are shaped to hold any part of the laevateinn unlike the gungnir, which has a part that needs to be connected to a hole in remi's hand. however flexible in use it may be, it's still rather flimsy and would fall out of her hand with a slight touch.

overall, I still think remi is a better figure, but flandre is great in her own way. the usual color scheme is done well, and now my remi does not have to be alone anymore. I guess I'll get pads next time, another step closer to an EOSD harem on my desktop.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

arggh america, karma doesn't work that way

fucking retards these days. the whole LOT of them

I don't even understand how they came to the conclusion that the recent shitstorm in japan is karma for pearl harbor. for one thing; they weren't around for WWII anyway, and if they were... they shouldn't be using the internet for facebook no less. I'm going to assume these so called "patriots" failed US history during high school (if they even went to school) if they haven't even pointed out that jp got nuked twice anyway.

if all of them are THAT concerned about karma, then they should take an iron and smash themselves in the face for gallantly displaying the ability to be uninformative, ignorant sheep that most americans happen to be quite proud of. hell, even I'm lazy and get my news late at times; the least I could do however is restrain myself from forming stupid opinions over them.

so cam an you crazy murrican patriots...

I don't care if your nose broke off and you become ugly for life, I just hope the iron you use for your face knocks out the cheeseburgers that are clogged inside your head and make you THINK. if that fails then w/e, you smashed your face with an iron lolol

it's supposedly unbelievable for people to recall history they have never been a part of for the sake of that +1 facebook post, but it just goes to show that it IS possible and it makes them look like they can't think of anything beyond MTV and smelly cunts. /sadtruth

normally I wouldn't care enough to give attention to people like these but the fact that these people live in my country make me mad and a little scared.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


the result from procrastinating for 15 minutes each day, the last of the dark moon castle team is finished! now what...

I also bought a flandre nendo, expect next post to contain figga review