Sunday, October 10, 2010


Friday -- finished
Saturday --finished, too lazy to type atm

What I got from this escapade (will take a pic of most of these later):
Sanshee + HALOLZ booth =  Awesome face shirt, Arakune badge, Awesome face portal badge, FAKKU! badge, Hentie badge - $24
Hat booth = Rilakkuma hat, but I accidentally lost it at the convention today and I'm kicking myself for it - $23
TinierMe booth = 22 gacha capsules total - $22
The booth with that one asian woman = Reimu stickers - $3
The booth with chinese people = RemiliaxFlandre Touhou artbook, Remilia & Flandre Scarlet badges - $23
bkub's booth = Charm Vol. NY mini comic book - $1
pantsu-pirate's booth = Minatsuki Takami sketch, friend's RemiliaxSakuya sketch - $15

I'll just post whatever pictures I have in my phone so far, I'll take a picture of what I bought later or after this weekend is over.
Anyway there was this IGN booth where all the MvC3 baddos were at. Some guy told me that if people win 5 matches in a row then they win something, but I still think he was lieing. Skrull and Dante were pretty fun to use while Captain America seemed more wonky than in MvC2 imo, won only 3 straight matches.

yeah it's really hard to tell, you can blame my phone for being blurry.

I lost against a Bleach cosplayer at the end of my streak ... QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

While I was looking for my friend, I started to wonder if there was a Chris Hansen cosplayer too:

the wrong place at the wrong time

This being my first convention, I was really lost at first, to be honest. But in the end, javits didn't seem that big because 4 hours later I've already walked through every nook and cranny in the building.

Bought $20 worth of gacha capsules at the Tinierme booth, got horrible items; but my friend had a number of animated items in her caps ...

I walked around the jp art alley and bought this artbook from a chinese vendor. The buttons were a bonus along with a really awesome bag; which my friend took to bring home one of the extra tablets that I didn't use.

I also saw that needs-moar-dodge girl selling her art and wanted to lol soooooooooooooo hard but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Then Saturday happened.

MTA trains screwed me over. my friend cosplayed as a school girl and I felt pretty lame for not cosplaying with her, so I bought a rilakkuma hat

There were a good number of touhou cosplayers, but most of them were guys. Well now that I mention it, here are all the touhou cosplayers I saw:

2 Reimus
1 Udonge
1 Kaguya
2 Mokous
1 Tei
1 Yukari
1 Meiling
1 Patchouli
1 Alice

So we strolled by the artist alley again and came across pantsu-pirate's booth. My friend asked him for an ero RemixSakuya sketch, which he was nice enough to give a price of $10 (he gave discounts for those who are:
1.girls 2. cosplaying 3. wearing thigh highs lololo). But he didn't finish on time, so we decided to come back tomorrow to get the sketch.

my mind is really fuzzy about this day actually, but that's mostly because of all the stupid shit that happened today which made me forget tidbits.

Anyway, Sunday happened and my friend didn't go with me since she was really exhausted or something. I had a dentist appointment as well, so it was probably best that she didn't go. Welp. Long story short, during the teeth cleaning I got lockjaw and the dentist practically had to wrestle with my mouth to close it. Head began to hurt the rest of the day starting from that point.

MTA was still trolling people in NY, which meant I had to switch over 9000 trains to get to Javits. Maybe I lost my rilakkuma hat around this time, I'm not sure.

I went over to pantsu-pirate's booth and picked up my friend's commission and asked him for a Minatsuki commission. I got back the sketch later around the time the convention was ending.

I went over to the comiccon's art alley and checked out bkub's booth; but he was out for lunch at the time. Later I came back and bought his mini comic book for $1

Checked out Nihon Auctions' booth. Due to the dentist appointment I was late to enter the Blazblue tournament, so I just stood there and watched.

Ordered an Awesome face shirt at the HALOLZ booth, since they didn't have it for my size at the time.

I also went to the Dead Space 2 panel and took pictures of this guy's awesome cosplay outfit.

I went to sit down and bam. I yawned and lockjaw came to pay me a visit. I had to run to the bathroom and do stuff, which eventually helped settle my jaw into place. I still looked retarded while going to the bathroom.

So with my head literally trying to split, I held out until I got the aforementioned Minatsuki sketch. The bus took forever to come, so I walked back to the train station; bought a meal at some halal food cart as my first meal of the day (seriously). Took the train back home and here I am.

tl;dr Sunday sucked the most. But NYAF/CCon itself was enjoyable, albeit crowded. I was being frugal but I got most of the stuff that I wanted, so I'm glad for that.


  1. Cons look interesting, but I think there might be too many people everywhere, and I'm not sure where the UK ones are...I'd only go for the merchandise, and I can usually get that online.
    Those buttons look very cute.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought!

  2. that's true, but eh I rarely order online. whenever I do, it's just for the sake of school tbh

  3. Too socially reclusive to go to cons.


    I saw it earlier, but he looks a lot happier in your pic.


    I have never experienced this in my entire life.

  4. >Too socially reclusive to go to cons.


    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself though.

  5. >Too socially reclusive to go to cons.

    Even though, it would be cool to go to one, but most of them around here are mostly for narutu fans and such, and too far away.

  6. yeah. I'll admit that I'm not the most bold person out there but I pretty much went and did my business then left.

    I met some nice people and a few weirdos, which is a refreshing experience to me imo. Makes me want to get better so I can start my own art alley booth too.

  7. Only con I've been to is AX, but yea, they're as great as you make them to be.

  8. nice pics and coverage of this con
    though I rarely visit them it seems rather nice there^^

  9. hnnnnnnng ;_; jealous. MINORI CHIHARA WAS THERE. (Yuki Nagato Seiyuu)