Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nendo Remilia finally arrives afdsfsf

This is my first figure so most likely I don't know wtf I'm talking about !!

After a week or so of waiting, it came through the mail today. After I came home from lunch, I began to take pictures with my shitty camera:

The box itself was pink enough for any man to feel girly on the inside.

The parts themselves are quite limited compared to what I've seen in other figures'. I was ok with the faces that were given, but I wished there were a few more such as a sad/crying expression for the sake of doing a charisma break. Also her wings are absolutely horrible. They get loose real easily and it's a pain to stick them back in.

Because this was my first figurine, I was wondering why in the world would her legs not fit into the braces on the stand. I had to google how to put a Nendoroid on its stand and realized that I had to make the clothes (such as the frilly part of her dress) match with the imprint on the brace.

Gungnir as Nendo Remi's weapon-of-choice looks more cute than it should. Even though it's nearly as tall as she is, there wasn't much of an issue making Remilia do some kind of pose with it in her hand... and unlike her wings, they stuck on really well.

Positioning her legs for her to stand without falling down was really tough since her feet are really tiny and awkward to move. I was almost scared that I might break her leg off (as with the rest of her body parts). Anyway here is Remi with a Gundam that died after seeing the amount of late fees in the mail (I had no sad face to make this sad lolo).

After rage quitting from positioning her with the Gundam, I left her like this on my desk to look at the internets. I'm content with Nendo Remi being my first figure, and a good one at that. To be honest she looks way better than my pictures show since my camera is pretty bad (and oh god do I hate it). Makes me feel happy knowing that she makes a nice addition to my empty desk and that I can stop staring at my Gundam all the time.


  1. Oh my, how heart-wrenchingly cute~

    I don't think the Gundam died, I think she killed it. Murder mystery investigation in progress.

  2. Cute Remi~

    Great choice for your first figure! It's a shame she didn't come with a face for charisma break but it's still an awesome figure.

  3. >This is my first figure


  4. Welcome to the new world of figure collecting.
    A hobby that constantly empties your bank account.

  5. Maybe, but not now. I'd rather save my money for a better tablet first.

    Anyway I decided to try taking a picture with my phone and it's mildly better than my camera.

    The Gundam was playing dead

  6. that's a pretty cool figure (btw, I have that same monitor)

  7. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you

  8. I remember my first figure. From there, I couldn't stop, they just kept piling up!