Wednesday, February 16, 2011

yayy WIP post

as the title implies, you'll see this updated from time to time:

atm:you're not thanatos who are u

why? because it sounds fun and I'm trying to record myself drawing for a video, but it's kind of a slow process at the moment since I always get interrupted (I have 4 unfinished drawings of gap hag) and would end up starting over. IN OTHER WORDS THIS IS BASICALLY PLAN B ..!

so yeah... anyway, thanatos/death/whateveryouwanttocallit is the hardest shit to draw because of the funky bird looking helmet. it reminds me of a ps3, and I hate drawing ps3's.

hi I scrapped this, I think I drew this thanatos too beefy and awkward looking... so I'm going to try again some other time

also pads


  1. Thanatos has such a bad ass design, too bad he wasn't the powerhouse you were looking for in a persona.

    I like your Sakuya by the way.

  2. that's an awesome wip, keep going!
    pads are always welcome

  3. I'll probably draw a better pad-chou some other time. I like banpai akira's character designs a lot, and his sakuya is more fun to draw than mr. zun's ...

  4. wow nice rough work cant wait to see it finished.

  5. awesome sketches
    im looking forward to more !